My name is Ala Karanauskiene. I and my husband Algirdas are members of the Lithuanian Club of beer attributes collectors "Alutis". 
Algirdas collects labels and I've been collecting crown caps and beer coasters since 2001. 
Now we have more than 28 000 caps and 30 000 coasters in ours collection and I'm always looking for new crown caps and beer coasters from all over the world. 
So, if You would like to make some trade, please contact me

my email  litbeer@gmail.com


             The beginning of my caps collection  2001                                 On a visit at my friend - Igor Borschevsky - RYGA 2005


At a meeting in Vilnius, Timur Borisov from Estonia,  I and Algis, Lithuania 2006


At a meeting with collectors in Chisinau, 

 Dima Iljin, I and Volodia Popovskij,  Moldova  2007  


At a meeting in Lvov, Ukraine  2007  

Andrej Zub, Vladimir Mogilnij - from Belarus, Viktor Katrecko - from Moldova,

I and Algis



At a meeting in Ryga, Latvia 2008


At a meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania 2008


         At a meeting in Ukmerge, Lithuania 2009                                    At a meeting in Lvov, Ukraine 2011